Caz251's Fiction Both Fan & Original
Title: Christmas Blues
Fandom: The Bill
Characters/Pairing: Luke Ashton/Craig Gilmore
Rating: pg
Disclaimer: I don't own anything but the plot
Summary: Luke doesn't like Christmas without his lover.

AN: First time I've ever branched into this fandom, written as a comment_fic

PC Luke Ashton had always loved Christmas, it was the day when he could put everything else aside and enjoy himself. This year didn’t seem to be as appealing though, he was still working in London and was unable to get to Cardiff for Christmas with Craig. Why he had to work the night shift over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day as well he had no idea, but having been woken at twelve noon, when he had only gone to bed at four, didn’t improve his Christmas.

He opened the door to his flat, ready with an angry tirade on his tongue, only for his anger to dissipate when he saw the man standing there. In the doorway stood his lover, a rucksack slung over his shoulder, who kissed him chastely before pushing him aside and entering the flat. Dumbstruck, Luke shut the door before turning to the Welshman now occupying his living room, he wanted to let loose a string of questions but found that he didn’t care for the answers. Craig was there with him, something that made his Christmas perfect, everything else could wait for the next day.