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Crossover Fiction

Addams Family/Torchwood Crossover Fiction
A collection of short stories and oneshots set in a Addams Family/ Torchwood Universe. General spoilers for Torchwood and Addams Family.

Davies and Jones  
The Addams Rift  
Exotic Meals  
She Doesn't Know  
A Tale Of Many Addams  
Meet The Family  
The After Party COMING SOON
Blood Is Thicker Than Water 
Dark Side of the Rainbow(SL)
A Gay Old Time
Little And Large
Weekend With A Weevil
The Servant Of Death And The Sadist COMING SOON 

Chuck/Merlin Crossover Fiction

The Sorcerer Agent (CF)

Doctor Who/Torchwood Crossover Fiction

The Time of Lord Jones
Years of Anger (CF)

Harry Potter/Torchwood Fanfiction

Witch in the Hub (JC)

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy/Torchwood Crossover Fiction

Drinks with a Friend (CF)